LED Grow Light market share is expected to achieve $300 million in 2017

Column:Industry News Time:2018-05-30

In recent years, LED Grow Lights permeability increased a lot, the global LED Grow Lights production grows rapidly in 2013, although only ten million U.S. dollars, it expected to exceed $ 35 million in 2014, and more than $ 300 million in 2017.

The optoelectronics industry researcher of Topology Research Institute Center Lin Peixuan said: Compared to NT $1.8/lm in 2010 the LED Grow Light costs have fallen sharply to NT $0.38/lm in 2013, thus promote Philips, Osram, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and other international companies invest to innovative applications of LED glow light.

Plant Factory originated in 1957 in Denmark due to lack of sunshine for plant, and later followed by Japan, U.S. and Netherlands. However, it not widely promoted because the cost is too high, also lack of skills and experience, until the 21st century, it renewed public attention again due to the greenhouse worsening.

As the principle of plants factory is to move plants from the outdoors to indoors, and replace natural light by artificial sources, so that the plant growth is not impacted by environmental. Because the high cost of LED lighting, in the past the plant factories use fluorescent lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps for illumination, with LED prices drop and enhanced technology, promote the LED glow light appears a new wave of progress.

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